A medical social worker can provide individual help to patients with the appropriate health care services. A Medical social worker supports patients with serious or chronic illnesses. Medical social workers are a crucial part of any health care team, these professionals collaborate with patients, their family and other members of their interdisciplinary team (physicians, nurses, therapists, etc.) to promote physical and mental health and functionality following an illness, hospitalization or other medical event.

Medical social workers are uniquely skilled at identifying both a senior client’s needs and ensuring the well-being of their entire support system. Connolly Care specialists will assess social and emotional factors that contribute to the beneficiary’s needs for care and adjustments. They will assess medical and nursing requirements, and also consider financial resources and available community resources to help take away some of the stress that comes with home health expenses.

In other words, our medical social workers are there to help you care for someone you love, in every way possible. Because at Connolly Care, we truly believe that You Deserve The Best. Contact is today to initiate your home health care services.

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