Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often an integral part of home health care, and an important service to provide for patients. Connolly Care’s PT staff are skilled licensed therapists, who can provide an individual plan tailored specifically to each patient’s needs.

Therapists work on a patient’s mobility and monitor symptoms, often resulting in fewer trips to a doctor or emergency room. Physical therapy often helps reduce the frequency and length of chronic issues, providing the patient with a better quality of daily life and more confidence about their abilities to care for themselves.

Also, PT can provide other benefits, such as lower blood pressure, weight loss and better mental health. PT greatly improves mobility, increases strength, and helps patients return to their daily activities. Utilizing a variety of exercises during home health care visits, our licensed PT’s may be able to help restore function in limbs, reduce pain, and ward against further disability. Our goal at Connolly Health Care is to make daily life easier for those who suffer physically.

PT’s can treat patients in a wide range of settings, many patients with mobility issues prefer recovery in the comfort of home. PT inside the home avoids the stress of finding transportation, scheduling, and risks to their already weakened physical health.

Check out our in-home care services page to find out more details about the various services we offer at Connolly Care. Call us today to initiate your home health care services.

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