Speech Therapy

At Connolly Care, speech therapy is an important role for your family members, our speech therapists do more than just assess and diagnose problem areas. They will work with your loved ones to prevent these situations from worsening, and treat them to help ensure the patient is able to overcome any speech-related obstacles and help with failing memory and disorientation.

The ability to communicate is essential for home health care patients. From simple needs such as describing aches and pains to a home care specialist, to more challenging obstacles including cognitive impairments and difficulty swallowing, it’s crucial for a patient to have the proper treatment in the area of speech therapy. Speech therapy can play an essential role in promoting greater health for the elderly population, especially those who have suffered from a┬ástroke, a brain injury, or cancer of the mouth head and throat.

Speech therapists are generally called speech language pathologists (SLP’s), and they offer therapies that focus on an individual’s capacity for language, speech, comprehension and swallowing. We have a team of professionals equipped to handle adult speech difficulties, including stuttering, dysarthria, voice problems, and struggles with articulation. Contact us today to initiate your home care services today!

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